About Dominique

The unexamined life is not worth living..

The above is, of course, a quote from one of the greatest philosophers of all time; a man who believed that the pursuit of wisdom superseded everything else. I am a Christian with a particular interest in philosophy and theology, and at the moment am also studying New Testament Greek (with varying degrees of success!).

I used to teach English and Religious Studies at an FE college in Wales but now my life is quieter and much of my time is spent reading and reflecting on scripture. Before the pandemic I was hosting a ‘Theology café’, where we discussed all sorts of interesting theological topics in an informal setting and the participants came from a variety of backgrounds and with differing perspectives. Now that it has become more difficult to meet together in this way, I thought it would be nice to share some of my recent reflections via a blog.

The primary purpose of this is for others to add their comments on my musings/ explorations, so please do share your own reflections and experiences.

Having been unable to find a suitable photo, I have temporarily picked another hero of mine instead – Priscilla (left) who risked her own life for the apostle Paul.

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